Server-side Rendering

Vue supports server-side rendering seamlessly and FunBook uses Vue under the hood, so it couldn’t be easier to use Vue SSR to serve your book or generate static web pages.

The simplest solution to use Vue SSR so far is using Ream, basically you only need to export a vue-router instance in your entry file and it’s all set:

import createRouter from './my-vue-router'

export default { createRouter }

Similarly, when you’re using Ream with FunBook, just export, FunBook will automatically return createRouter and other necessary data in this method:

// src/index.js
import FunBook from 'funbook'
import 'funbook/dist/funbook.css'

const book = new FunBook({})

// ...add chapters
// ...add pages

export default

Then run ream dev in your project.